We equip organizations with the power to reduce error and improve the performance of every worker.

It starts by finding and fixing confidently held misinformation.

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Your workforce can be your first line of defense against security breaches, but too often they are the source of those same breaches. Is your organization equipped for battle?

Amplifire has launched a free trial of its cybersecurity training, designed to help end users protect their employers from cyberattacks. This is a great opportunity to find and fix cybersecurity misinformation among your workforce.

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Since 2001, Amplifire has corrected more than 112,000,000 instances of Confidently Held Misinformation in the minds of the American workforce

Confidently held misinformation exists in all people in all industries

Over half the risk most companies are exposed to comes from bad decisions made by their own employees. Those decisions happen when your employees have the wrong information in their heads, and they’re confident in it—so they don’t ask anyone or double-check. This graph shows the percentage of confidently held misinformation (CHM) we have discovered in thousands of professionals working in different industries—from doctors to pilots to satellite TV technicians.

Typical training doesn’t deal with the problems of learning


Rapid Forgetting

Research in brain science shows that 90 minutes after typical training, people have already forgotten about half of what they needed to learn.



People remember what is actively learned:
1) Moments that are emotional
2) Learning repeated over time
3) Information retrieved from memory


Human Bias

People believe the brain is like a recording device. They believe that if something seems familiar, they have always known it and they’ll always remember it.

Amplifire is Training 2.0

It’s a strategic transformation that finds misinformation and fixes it.

Here’s a real-life example from a workforce of 1,250 pilots.

Before and After Chart

Amplifire transforms misinformation into mastery

Evaluate Individuals

Amplifire begins with the cognitive technique known as retrieval — confidence-based questions that stimulate focus, thinking, and memory. It spotlights risks for the learner and the organization.

Visualize Risk and Future Error

Data analytics and heatmaps quickly identify risk by topic, department, or individual. They also identify systemic and social causes of persistently poor outcomes.

Personalize the Learning

Amplifire’s algorithm delivers teaching that’s personally tailored to every individual’s particular knowledge gaps.

Refresh at the Right Time

Refreshers show learners the material they are most likely to forget. Amplifire’s forgetting algorithm is based on the patterns of nearly a billion learner interactions.

Risk from CHM is illuminated and then (nearly) eliminated

Below are 26 workers who should know how to handle the equipment that’s essential for their job. Here’s their six month journey laid out in an Risk Heatmap—a way to visualize confidently held misinformation being transformed into high-performance knowledge.

Misinformation taught away

A toolkit that actively manages the knowledge quality of the workforce.

  • Amplifire works automatically. It improves performance in mission-critical practices without oversight by managers.
  • This isn’t training. It’s a way to find misinformation, transform it into the correct knowledge, and help workers perform at their highest potential.
  • Managers have direct access to real-time heatmap reports that show levels of confidently held misinformation, uncertainty, struggle and mastery by worker, location, or topic.
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